MoviesBazar Idea:

I Watch Movies Online Everyday, in order to watch movies I have to download the movies first, for instance, every day new movies releasing so I have to search the movies first if I want to download the movie, than I thought Why don’t we create a platform on Which User come and watch the latest movies on the very next day of release, not just that they can download the movies or watch it online in the spare time or the time which is convenient for them. That’s why I created this Website to facilitate the general public and give the audience the perfect watch experience.

New And Featured Movies:

Once you open the website you see the section with featured movies section, here we will list all the latest and recent movies released, they have some tabs as well like most viewed, top rated you can these movies as well,

Below featured movies we have Recent movies this section will have all the recent movies that are posted on the website.

Movies Report:

On every movies post, we have a button saying”Click here to send us a report”
if the movie is not working or you are facing any issue you can send us a movie report, please use your real email we will send you the notification email once the issue has been resolved.

Movies Archive:

If you want to see all the movies we have on our website you can click on view more button at the end of the category section that link will take you our entire movie collection.

Movies Section:

We have an entire dedicated section for the website for you to send us a movie’s request If you search and can’t find the desired movie or section you can send us a request through.

For general enquiry or request email us at: